Tooth-Colored Fillings

Whether you’re embarrassed by the old metal fillings marring your smile or you’re simply concerned with the overall health of your teeth, tooth-colored fillings make it easy to maintain or restore the natural-looking appearance of your mouth.

Staff and doctors at Family Gentle Dentists in Woodhaven, MI would be glad to improve the cosmetics of our patients’ teeth in the Downriver area. As recent as 10 years ago, metal amalgams, or mixtures of silver and other metals, were used almost exclusively for fillings, leaving patients with “dark” sections in their mouth when they smiled or spoke. Thanks to advances in technology, composite materials that match the tooth’s natural color have not only become a viable option but the preferred choice among dentists and their patients. Tooth-colored fillings have proven to be just as strong if not stronger than their metal counterparts, and there is no threat of trace elements of the dangerous metal mercury, which often appears in amalgam fillings.

When Can Tooth-Colored Fillings Be Used?

Composite resins are generally appropriate for small to moderate-sized restorations — which encompass the most common types of fillings. They are durable, fracture-resistant, and able to withstand chewing pressure. Depending on how much of the tooth needs restoration, the procedure may be accomplished in just one visit. Alternatively, if a large volume of tooth material must be replaced, a part may be fabricated outside the mouth and later bonded to the tooth.

Whatever the situation, the best way to determine whether tooth-colored fillings are right for you is to come in and consult with us. We can explain the appropriate options and help you select the best way to proceed with treatment. Working together, we can help you achieve — and keep — a healthy-looking smile.

Replace your metal fillings or get new fillings with natural-looking tooth-colored fillings at Family Gentle Dentists in Woodhaven today!